Hardwood Coverlite

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At Chiltern Decking we machine hardwood into DIFFERENT GROOVED and SMOOTH PROFILES and then pressure treat the timber with preservative to ensure long lasting protection for exterior decking use. 

As with our Softwood Coverlite, we find the Hardwood Coverlite range has a place in cosmetically improving tired decking systems that to renew, might involve a lot of time, effort and no doubt money. The different grain patterns, figure and feature make the Hardwood Coverlite range a subtle alternative to some of the more regularly specified hardwood decking systems.
If the existing deck boards and frame are sound, simply lay and screw fix Coverlite on top and at right angles to the run of the existing boards.


  • Ranging in colour and tone from light brown, through golden straw, to brown after treatment

Special Features

  • Relatively light weight
  • Stable in use
  • Board size : 21mm x 145mm - but different SIZES and PROFILES can be machined to order.

Profiles Available:

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