Spax Stainless Steel Decking Screws

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The ideal screws for wooden decks.
We only keep stainless steel fixings for use with our decking boards. In bright steel or Antique Bronze finishes.
When you've chosen your beautiful timber decking, the last thing you want is staining to occur if tannins in the timber react adversely with regular screws to produce an unsightly stain that's difficult to remove.


  • Top quality self coloured and Antique stainless steel.

Special Features

  • We keep 50 mm long and 60 mm long stainless steel screws in both self colour and Antique finish. Prices start at 22p (inc. VAT) per screw and are sold in full boxes. If you have any extras over at the end of the job, just let us know and we'll pick them up and refund accordingly. For more secure screwdriving our screwheads are T-Star pattern. This means there is less likelihood of the screwdriver head slipping out of the screw head and denting the timber. We keep the T-Star bits in packets of 5 @ £7.00 per pack, (incl. v.a.t.).

Profiles Available:

Spax Stainless Steel Decking Screws
Spax Stainless Steel Decking Screws
Spax Stainless Steel Decking Screws

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