The natural colours of all timbers when freshly sawn or machined, will fade as a result of exposure to the Sun's ultraviolet light and general weather conditions. Natural variations in colour which also occur within the product and often within individual pieces, cannot be regulated either. This potential for natural change is part of what makes timber such an varied, vibrant and appealing material for use as decking. If timber, as a natural product, is used externally, we can't prevent these changes from happening - but we can slow the processes down by treating our exterior timbers with suitable finishes and coatings.

Whilst we will gladly offer general advice concerning the protection of timber for external decking, Chiltern Decking and Garden Timbers can't be held responsible for the ongoing condition and appearance of any timber based products once they have been successfully delivered to our customers. Details of any claims for damage or discrepancy need to be emailed to Chiltern Decking and Garden Timbers within 3 working days. A copy of our full terms and conditions is available upon request.

Title in the goods or services provided does not pass from Chiltern Decking and Garden Timbers to the Purchaser until satisfactory payment in full has been received.